Terms and Conditions of Use

I. General information

Access to the website https://lepetitcafe.barcelona (hereafter “Website”) and the use of its contents and services imply full and unreserved acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of Use set out in the version published in when the User accesses it (hereinafter “Conditions”).

If the User decides not to accept these Conditions, he must refrain from accessing the Website and/or using the content and / or services available there.

In accordance with the duty of information provided for by Law 34/2002 on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce (LSSI-CE) of July 11 (Spain), the following general information data on this Website .

The ownership of this Website https://lepetitcafe.barcelona is held by the company Waëferhuus, S.L. / Le Petit Café 217, with CIF/NIF B67606442, whose address is:

Le Petit Café 217, c/ Comte Borrell, 217, 08029 Barcelona (Catalonia)

Phone: +34935254066

Email address: info@lepetitcafe.barcelona

Waëferhuus, SL / Le Petit Café 217 (https://lepetitcafe.barcelona) is attached to the Municipality of Barcelona whose approval is given by the following body: Ajuntament de Barcelona, ​​Districte de L'Eixample, Direcció de Llicències i Espai Públic, Departament de Llicències i Inspecció, c/ Aragó, 311 Bx, 08009 Barcelona, ​​phone +34932916237.

II. Terms and conditions of use

The purpose of these Conditions is to regulate access and use of the Website. For the purposes of these Conditions, Website means: the external appearance of the screen interfaces, both static and dynamic, that is to say the navigation tree; and all the elements integrated both in the screen interfaces and in the navigation tree (hereinafter “Content”) and all the services or online resources that may be offered to Users (hereinafter “Services”).

Waëferhuus, S.L. / Le Petit Café 217 (https://lepetitcafe.barcelona) reserves the right to modify, at any time and without notice, the presentation and configuration of the Website and of the Contents and Services that may be incorporated therein. The User acknowledges and accepts that at any time Waëferhuus, S.L. / Le Petit Café 217 (https://lepetitcafe.barcelona) may interrupt, deactivate and / or cancel any of these elements integrated into the Site or access them.

Access to the Website by the User is free and, as a general rule, is free without the User having to provide any consideration in order to benefit from it, with the exception of connection costs via the telecommunications network made available. provision by the access provider that the User has hired.

The use of any of the Content or Services of the Website may be carried out through the subscription or prior registration of the User.

The User

Access, navigation and use of the Website, as well as the spaces for interacting between users, and the User and Waëferhuus, S.L. / Le Petit Café 217 (https://lepetitcafe.barcelona), such as the spaces for comments and/or blogs, confers the condition of User, consequently, all the conditions established here, as well as their subsequent modifications, without prejudice to the application of the corresponding mandatory legal provisions, as the case may be. Given the relevance of the above, it is recommended that the User read them each time they visit the Website.

The Website of Waëferhuus, S.L. / Le Petit Café 217 (https://lepetitcafe.barcelona) offers a wide variety of information, services and data. The User assumes his responsibility to make correct use of the Site. This responsibility will extend to:

Use of the information, Content and/or Services and data offered by Waëferhuus, S.L. / Le Petit Café 217 (https://lepetitcafe.barcelona) without being contrary to the provisions of these Conditions, the Law, good morals or the public order, or which in any other way may infringe the rights of third parties or these functioning of the website.

The veracity and legality of the information provided by the user in the forms issued by Waëferhuus, S.L. / Le Petit Café 217 (https://lepetitcafe.barcelona) to access certain Content or Services offered by the Site. In any case, the User will immediately inform Waëferhuus, SL / Le Petit Café 217 (https://lepetitcafe.barcelona) of any fact allowing the misuse of the information recorded in said forms, such as, but not only, the theft, loss or unauthorized access to usernames and / or passwords, in order to proceed with their immediate cancellation.

Waëferhuus, SL / Le Petit Café 217 (https://lepetitcafe.barcelona) reserves the right to withdraw all comments and contributions that violate the law, infringe the dignity of the person, which are discriminatory, xenophobic, racist, pornographic, spamming, which threatens youth or childhood, public order or safety or which, in its opinion, is not suitable for publication.

In any case, Waëferhuus, S.L. / Le Petit Café 217 (https://lepetitcafe.barcelona) will not be responsible for the opinions expressed by Users through comments or other blogging or participation tools that may exist.

Mere access to this Website does not imply any type of commercial relationship between Waëferhuus, S.L. / Le Petit Café 217 (https://lepetitcafe.barcelona) and the User.

Always in compliance with current legislation, this website of Waëferhuus, S.L. / Le Petit Café 217 (https://lepetitcafe.barcelona) is aimed at anyone, regardless of age, who can access and / or browse the pages of the Website.

The Website is primarily intended for Users residing in Spain. Waëferhuus, S.L. / Le Petit Café 217 (https://lepetitcafe.barcelona) does not guarantee that the Website fully or partially complies with the laws of other countries. If the User resides or has his domicile elsewhere and decides to access and/or browse the Site, he will do so under his own responsibility, he must ensure that this access and this navigation comply with local legislation which is applicable, Waëferhuus, S.L. / Le Petit Café 217 (https://lepetitcafe.barcelona) assumes no liability that may arise from this access.

III. Access and navigation on the site: exclusion of guarantees and liability

The company Waëferhuus, S.L. / Le Petit Café 217 (https://lepetitcafe.barcelona) does not guarantee the continuity, availability and usefulness of the Website, nor of the Contents or Services. Waëferhuus, S.L. / Le Petit Café 217 (https://lepetitcafe.barcelona) will do everything possible for the proper functioning of the Website, however, it does not accept or guarantee that access to this website will not be uninterrupted or that is an error free.

The Company also does not guarantee that the content or software accessible through this Website is free of errors or causes damage to the User's computer system (software and hardware), and the Company cannot be held responsible for such. Waëferhuus, S.L. / Le Petit Café 217 (https://lepetitcafe.barcelona) will in no way be liable for any loss, damage or loss of any kind resulting from the access, navigation and use of the Website, including, but not limited to those caused by computer systems or those caused by the introduction of viruses.

The company Waëferhuus, S.L. / Le Petit Café 217 (https://lepetitcafe.barcelona) is not responsible for any damage that may be caused to users by improper use of this Website. In particular, the Company is in no way responsible for drops, interruptions, shortages or faults in telecommunications that may occur.